Naomi Watts Net Worth

Naomi Watts is such a delight and also a little something i like to call box office gold, with hit movies such as King Kong and The Ring, this lovely lady can really draw a crowd.

I found a website where you can find celebrity net worth, and was happy to discover that Naomi Watts is valued at $15 million buckaroos!

Naomi Watts Tom Ford Sunglasses

Have a look at Naomi Watts looking stunningly sexy while wearing a pair of gorgeous sunglasses by the highly regarded designer Tom Ford.

The model of these super sunglasses are named Claudia and they often sell for arounf $300 big ones.

So start putting some coinage in that sunglasses fund...

Naomi Watts Shoe Size

Boy are you going to be in for a surprise, or at least i was, after finding out the shoe size of our beloved Naomi Watts.

Naomi Watts's shoe size is said to be 9.5!

Even though that isn't an enormous shoe size, it quite a bit larger than the average woman, in most parts of the world.

Naomi Watts Looks Like Claire Danes

Its been said that everyone has a twin, however that is clearly not the situation we have, but you gotta admit that Claire Danes does look a lot like Naomi Watts.

Probably not close enough to be considered look a like, but they do have some of the same features.

How would you rate this Naomi Watts look a like...

Naomi Watts Height

One thing i love to find out is the heights of my favorite celebrities, so naturally i looked for the height of Naomi Watts.

And to my surprise, she is actually listed at 5 feet 5 inches tall, which is a but shorter than i had originally thought.

I always that she was about 5'7" or taller, but apparently that isn't the case at all.